Dr. Mark W. Bowen

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

Co-Director of the EARTH Systems Laboratory

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Soils
  • Geomorphology
  • Water resources
  • Quaternary environmental change
  • Agricultural Landscapes
  • The Anthropocene


Doctor of Philosophy (2011), Geography, University of Kansas
Advisor: William C. Johnson
Dissertation: Spatial Distribution and Geomorphic Evolution of Playa Wetlands on the Kansas High Plains: Implications for a Changing Environment

Master of Science (2004), Resource Planning, Missouri State University
Advisor: Robert T. Pavlowsky
Thesis: Consequences of Reservoir Drainage on Downstream Water Chemistry, Suspended Sediment, and Nutrients, Southwest Missouri

Bachelor of Science (2000), Geography, Missouri State University
Minor: Computer Information Systems

About Dr. Mark Bowen

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Soil Geomorphology and Physical Geography in the Department of Geography and Co-Director of the EARTH Systems Laboratory at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Generally speaking, my interests are in physical geography, more specifically soil geomorphology and landscape evolution. I examine how soils and landscapes are linked, vary across space, and evolve through time. My focus is on both paleoenvironmental change and historical environmental change, particularly within agricultural landscapes, on the Great Plains of the central U.S. I utilize a variety of laboratory-, field-, and GIS-based techniques to reconstruct past geomorphic forms and processes, assess factors and processes that control soil formation/erosion and distribution, and investigate the complex interactions among soils and other components of the earth system.