BONUS: All the jokes we couldn’t fit in the last episode

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BONUS: All the jokes we couldn't fit in the last episode

More jokes, ChatGPT-generated and otherwise, cut from the recording for the “AI is a joke” episode


AAnd then the third joke I put on Twitter was getting away from profession- oriented humor. Why don’t mushrooms ever shared their feelings?
BSo this is a little bit of fun with fungus.
AYou’re right. We haven’t had fun with fungus in awhile, but we are doing So right now. A: Because they’re a fungi, exclamation point. B, because they tend to get to mush-y, C, because they don’t want to seem toxic. Again, small sample size, but also a smaller standard deviation because joke C got 91% of the votes, because they don’t want to seem toxic. That was me.
BIt looks like ten out of 11.
AGive me some credit for being funnier than a robot.
BYeah, oh yeah.
AAnd then B, they don’t want to get too mush-y. That was actually Zoe’s punchline, 10-year-old. And then A is obviously then the AI punchline. And that did not get any votes.
BIt’s a joke I would make.
AIt’s a very bad joke. But I did like the addition of the exclamation point.
BThat was very creative of the AI.
AI give the bot a little bit of credit for that.
AI would like to use this opportunity to debut some of my original jokes.
BOh, okay.
AHow do mattress companies ensure their products are comfortable for their customers?
BI don’t know.
AThey run snoozability tests.
AWhy are project managers so good at gymnastics?
ABecause they’re agile. This one is so generic, I’m sure it’s been said before, but why did the creative writing professor go to the graveyard? To find the plot.
BYou had to dig deep for that one, didn’t you?
ANow, that is a dad joke.
BWell, it’ll become a dad joke once it’s been done to death.
AOkay. We started playing around with your profession. Technically, you’re what, an arborist?
AThis one is from the AI. Why did the arborist go to the bank? To get a branch loan!
BThis is the territory of failing so hard it wraps around to a win.
AAnd then I asked you to come up with a couple. So you should deliver these.
BWhy did the arborist go to the bank?
BHe saw their ad.
A Aha.
B Or, he had trouble logging into their website.
AThat one would get my vote.
BWhat did the arborist say when he planted an oak tree?
ATell me.
BAI says, this oak tree will grow and grow.
AFunny in its ignorance.
BThis is very much the same. Yes.
AAnd then the ones we came up were not
BInstead of a joke it came up with a truth statement. Wow.
ANow this one, we didn’t come up with great punchlines, but well, Okey-doke!
BDoes this look oak-ay to you?
AThen I wanted to ask a joke about academic podcasters. What did the academic podcaster say when their podcast was over?
BThat’s a wrap of knowledge.
AExclamation point. My suggested punchline was, this was an exploratory pilot podcast.
BNot funny but not bad.
AAlright, one more and then I’ll be done, I promise. When I was thinking of which one to put on Twitter, I was debating between the cross the road one and the trapped in an elevator one.
BYou haven’t said the trapped in an elevator yet.
ABut I will. What did the technical communicator do when he got stuck in an elevator?
BSo this is the question it came up with when you said write a joke about technical communicators.
ACorrect. That was my prompt. The answer it came up with was “wrote a detailed manual on how to get out,” which is similar in theme to the crossing the road one. The one that I came up with was, he said finally, some alone time.
BI think that’s probably more of an assumption that technical communicators are introverts like you.
AFair enough. So again, relying upon stereotypes. But if what my students report to me is representative at all of the tech comm population then they do lean on the introvert side. Last punchline I came up with. You get to read this one. Question. What did the technical communicator do when he got stuck in an elevator?
BRecorded a three-part podcast series about risk and hazard communication. Hey.
AYeah, that was a little personal.
AI’d like to close with one more chat GPT experiment I did. So I’m famously bad at titles. I’m just not creative. So I asked it, what could I title my LOL-cats inspired cookbook. Secretly I wanted to see if it was going to include cheeseburgers.
BMm-hmm. Because in the early days of memes when it was just captioned cat pictures.
AI can haz cheeseburger. That’s where you had to go for memes in the olden days. Anyways, I was curious if it, if it could draw on that history, that legacy, but it didn’t.
AInstead it suggested Cookin’ with cat memes, deliciously purr-fect recipes for every occasion.
BDid it come up with anything else interesting? I see other stuff.
AOkay. Well, yeah. I don’t know if we have time for it, but in case we do. I asked it to title an autobiography for an engineer turned arborist who loves space and renewable energy.
BWhat did it say?
ALeaves and stars colon, a memoir of an engineer-arborist’s journey to a sustainable future. What do you think?
BI mean, it basically just reformatted what you gave it, but.
AAnd then I asked it to title an autobiography about an English professor who loves Disney channel original musicals, Ted Danson, and platypuses. And this is entirely hypothetical as I’m sure you can tell.
BYeah. Asking for a friend, right?
AA curiously magical life: The autobiography of professor Patricia Platypus. I don’t know where the Patricia came from, but there’s also Living an Eclectic Life: The memoirs of professor Edward T. Danson, platypus-loving musical enthusiast.
BYou definitely got more of a word-salad answer.
AYeah. You’ve got your work cut out for you, now that there’s a title for your book, you have to write it.
BWhat in the? Fern. Silly cat. She’s gonna be trapped in there.
AServes her right. Is that a wrap?
BOf knowledge.