Abi is a professor of technical communication and rhetoric; Benton… is not. Abi reads scholarly articles; Benton reads science fiction. And they are both connoisseurs of mixed drinks and bad puns.

Listen in as they connect the academic to the everyday, spanning topics like misinformation, science communication, digital rhetoric, and health and medical writing.

Learn more about the Abi at her faculty profile or on her Twitter. Contact her at abigail.bakke@mnsu.edu.

For more on the origins and aim of the show, listen to our interview on The Podcast of Podcasts by Dr. Joseph Robertshaw.

Benton and Abi on the set of the play Arsenic & Old Lace. They are sitting on the bench that the body is hidden in. They are in front of a window. Benton is wearing the police uniform of his character officer O'Hara.
Benton and Abi on the set of Arsenic and Old Lace. Benton is in costume as Officer O’Hara.