Virtual Steel Sculpture

Tutorial Video

Enhance Your Understanding of Steel Connection Types

A steel sculpture is a physical model that shows, in great detail, forty-eight types of connections that are commonly used in steel construction practices. Unfortunately, many civil engineering students in the United States and abroad do not have access to the sculpture.

To provide a 24-7 access to the steel sculpture, we have created an interactive 3-D solid model of the steel sculpture at Minnesota State University. This interactive steel sculpture affords an effective tool for visualizing and learning about different connection types.

This is the result of a collaborative project — among Minnesota State University*** (Saeed Moaveni), Northwestern University (Karen Chou), and Purdue University (Hazar Dib) — that was funded by the National Science Foundation. The student research assistants were: Lee Taylor, Thomas Gunderson, and James Sapp. JavaScript programming assistance was provided by Professor Guarionex Salivia of Computer Information Science Department at Minnesota State University.

***The original award was made to Norwich University and later transferred to Minnesota State University.

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