2020 June. Dr. Chiou and her colleagues serving as board members of Asian Pacific Islander Speech-Language-Hearing Caucus (APISLHC) are hosting a first virtual meeting with their members and celebrating 25 years of APISLHC.

2020 May. Dr. Chiou was interviewed by Dr. Katie Strong from Central Michigan University to share innovative ways to apply metacognitive strategy instructions and goal attainment scaling in aphasia rehabilitation.

2020 March. Dr. Chiou and two colleagues received receiving the 2020 Minnesota State University, Mankato Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award

2019 November. As co-president of Asian Pacific Islander (API) Speech-language Pathology Caucus. Dr. Chiou and Dr. Lei Sun from California State University Long Beach hosted the API annual meeting with API members at 2019 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Orlando Florida.

2019 November. Dr. Abbott-Anderson (School of Nursing) and Dr. Chiou were invited to present their dementia-friendly work at the inaugural Aging Studies Faculty Lecture at MSU-Mankato .

2019 November. Dr. Chiou and her students are featured on the Free Press! A free concussion workshop was sponsored by Dr. Adam Steiner from Dept of Psychology, Dr. Chiou, Troy Hoehn from Mayo, Alyssa Rickels from Big Stone Therapies (our own!), and undergrad and grad students from Psychology and CSD. This workshop created hands-on activities to help Mankato area public school students understand the signs and effects of concussion. Many participants held a real human brain in their hands, learned about their brain waves (EEG), experienced what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury and explored local and national brain injury resources. Special thanks to our fabulous grad and undergrad student volunteers – Molly McVey, Natalie Wrobleski, Madeline Johnson, and Jordan Anderson

2019 September. Dr. Chiou and Alissa Allison (Alumni 2017) are co-authors of a book, Primary Progress Aphasia and Other Frontotemporal Dementias. Dr. Rene Utianski from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester is the editor of the book. The book is designed to assist speech-language pathologists in diagnosis and treatment planning on patients with primary progressive aphasia.

2019 August. Dr. Chiou and her colleagues attended her graduate student’s thesis defense at National Kaohsiung Normal University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2019 August. Dr. Chiou presented her aphasia research at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

2019 June-July. Very First Global Experiences Program! Nine international visitors from National Tsing Hua University and National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan attended the program. The Taiwanese visitors learned about speech-language pathology services in the U.S. This program brings students from Western and Asian cultures together. MSU-Mankato CSD students and Taiwanese visitors worked together to develop global multicultural understanding, understand professional scope of practice and service delivery in the US and Taiwan, and learn about international healthcare systems and professional issues in a multicultural/multilingual world.

2019 June. As president of Minnesota Taiwanese Women’s Association, Dr. Chiou is working with Dr. Yun-ting Hung (VP) from Metropolitan State University to serve Taiwanese community in Minnesota from 2019-2021. They hosted the first member meeting in June.

2019 April. Minnesota State Shark Tank. Dr. Chou and her colleagues presented the LEARN method for grand funding at Minnesota State Innovation Shark Tank.

2018 December. Dr. Chiou was invited to present “Life Participation Approach to Aphasia” by Taiwan Speech-Language-Hearing Association at National Taiwan University.

2018 May. Speech Pathology Master’s Program interviewed Dr. Chiou about her research in aphasia.

2018 May. Dr. Chiou and her colleagues from MnCAN and University of Minnesota were invited to present “Beyond impairment-based treatment: Life participation and supported conversation approaches to aphasia” at Twin Cities Speech-language Pathologists.

2018 Sabbatical. Dr. Chiou taught a grad-level course in adult language and cognition at National Kaohsiung Normal University and continued in her aphasia research in Taiwan. She was invited to present her research and clinical experiences in two universities, a VA hospital, and Chung Hwa Rotary Club in Taiwan.

2017 August. Dr. Chiou led the AH&N Diversity Committee to host the “It’s Time to Talk Forum on Race” workshop for College of Allied Health and Nursing faculty, staff and students to embrace our university’s mission on building a campus committed to diversity and facilitate racial equality talk .

2017 April. Dr. Chiou and her MSU-Mankato colleagues supported the first meet and greet of Singing Hills Chorus, a singing group designed for people with dementia and their care partners, by Mankato/North Mankato Act on Alzheimer’s Action Team.

2017 April. Co-chair of Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing annual convention and Clinical Sciences Building Open House.